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New Year cakes are available in our shops now

The much anticipated New Year cakes are available in our shops now!
We have two New Year cakes include:

- Coconut Steamed Cake (HK$138), the rich jujube flavor is perfectly blended with the coconut, and it tastes even more tenacious and chewy
- Dried Scallops Carrot Cake (HK$138), made with high quality Japanese carrot, served with full flavored scallops, rich in taste, delicious. Its a decent gift for your and your friends!

Come and order now!
Order any type of cakes from now until 24 January 2022, and get HK$20* off each box (excluding cakes set)!
Order 5 boxes or more and get an extra box of 4 flavor cookies*!

2021 Winter Solstice Poon Choi - Fortune Poon Choi

Gathering is happiness, and Red Ant Group launched a Fortune Poon Choi during the winter solstice! Poon Choi is available for 4 - 6 people ($988) and 8 - 10 people ($1,688) for you to choose! Order from now until 15 December 2021 and get up to two cans of four-flavor cookies for you*!

Spring Festival Gift Box - Turnip Cake & Red Jujube Cake

$128 each
$256/set of two cakes

Spring Festival Poon Choi - Thai Style

Early Birds Discounts until 05 Feb 2021!
Available til to 28 Feb 2021!

Spring Festival Poon Choi - Deluxe

Free Gift - two cans of Homemade Cookies upon purchase of Deluxe Poon Choi before 5 Feb 2021.
Available til to 28 Feb 2021!

Pre-packed Frozen Delicious

-Pre-packed Frozen Delicious- Welcome retail or wholesales enquiry!

Newly Launched in year 2020, including 25 items on the market in all our branches currently and more is coming soon!

More details please refer to our staff OR
WhatsApp: 9545 0313
WeChat ID: RedAntFoodie

Bear Cookies Redemption Offer (Occasional)

Bear Cookies Redemption Offer (Occasional)

Original Price: HK$78

Warm in Heart

New Winter Drink Collection

Homemade cookies


Order 10 or more to enjoy $70 each

Ant Club Members enjoy bonus points

Butter Flavor

Green Tea & Pistachios Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Coffee Flavor

New ant club membership scheme

HK$350 Purchase for 1 Year Membership

1) New-join Privileges:
‧ HK$400 Voucher^
‧ Homemade Cookies (1 pc)

2) Discount and Bonus Points Privileges:
‧ 10% off
‧ Special offers for Party Menu
‧ Bonus Points Redemption Programme ($1= 1pt)